Cacti and Succulents

from my garden

(mostly from Uncle Sammy’s collection)

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WordCamp Long Beach gift plants

Mother of Thousands, Kalanchoe laetivirens  | Pinwheel Aeonium, Aeonium haworthii |Tiger-tooth aloe, Aloe juvenna | Jade Necklace, Crassula marnieriana | Pork and Beans, Sedum rubrotinctum | Ladyfinger CactusMammillaria elongata | Leatherpetal, Graptopetalum sp. | Thimble Cactus, Mammillaria  gracilis fragilis | Ball Cactus, Parodia magnifica | Money Tree, Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’ | Donkey’s Tail, Sedum morganianum | Paper Spine Cactus, Tephrocactus articulatus | Ruby Slippers, Echeveria pulvinata | Lemon Ball, Parodia leninghausii | Queen of the NightPeniocereus serpentinus

Uncle Sammy’s Cactus Garden

Uncle Sammy collected and propagated cacti for half a century at his LA home. He knew a lot about them; he had notes and books. He knew their names.

Gradually, he got old. Forgot their names; misplaced his notes; couldn’t really take care of the plants any more.

I would visit a couple of times a month, and about 10 years ago I started taking a trunk load home at each visit.

I’m sure my life-long love of cacti comes from Sammy and Marie, and my garden is a daily link to them.

After they moved to assisted living, I assembled a cactus garden for them on their balcony.

So glad I saved the plants. Unfortunately, I didn’t snag much of the knowledge.

Early this year I started trying to identify some of the plants in my garden.

  • I found leads on sites such as and followed up with Wikipedia and Google image search. I was able to guess at some plant IDs.
  • Books from the library, especially The Encyclopedia of Cacti  and,  from Gayle, The Complete Book of Cacti and Succulents.
  • Hours at the South Coast Bontanic Garden and the Huntington Gardens, where I photographed their cactus collections and labels.
  • The Cacti and Succulents Identification Facebook group has been a fantastic resource. Thanks to all the members who have helped me with IDs.



The identifications on these pages are tentative

I would appreciate any corrections

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