Cacti and Succulents

from my garden

(mostly from Uncle Sammy’s collection)

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WordCamp Long Beach gift plants

Ball Cactus, Parodia magnificaDonkey’s Tail, Sedum morganianumJade Necklace, Crassula marnierianaLadyfinger CactusMammillaria elongataLeatherpetal, Graptopetalum sp.Lemon Ball, Parodia leninghausiiMexican Firecracker, Echeveria setosaMoney Tree, Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’Mother of Thousands, Kalanchoe laetivirensPaper Spine Cactus, Tephrocactus articulatusPinwheel Aeonium, Aeonium haworthiiPork and Beans, Sedum rubrotinctumQueen of the NightPeniocereus serpentinusRuby Slippers, Echeveria pulvinataThimble Cactus, Mammillaria  gracilis fragilisTiger-tooth aloe, Aloe juvenna

Uncle Sammy’s Cactus Garden

Uncle Sammy collected and propagated cacti for half a century at his LA home. He knew a lot about them; he had notes and books. He knew their names.

Gradually, he got old. Forgot their names; misplaced his notes; couldn’t really take care of the plants any more.

I would visit a couple of times a month, and about 10 years ago I started taking a trunk load home at each visit.

I’m sure my life-long love of cacti comes from Sammy and Marie, and my garden is a daily link to them.

After they moved to assisted living, I assembled a cactus garden for them on their balcony.

So glad I saved the plants. Unfortunately, I didn’t snag much of the knowledge.

Early this year I started trying to identify some of the plants in my garden.

  • I found leads on sites such as and followed up with Wikipedia and Google image search. I was able to guess at some plant IDs.
  • Books from the library, especially The Encyclopedia of Cacti  and,  from Gayle, The Complete Book of Cacti and Succulents.
  • Hours at the South Coast Bontanic Garden and the Huntington Gardens, where I photographed their cactus collections and labels.
  • The Cacti and Succulents Identification Facebook group has been a fantastic resource. Thanks to all the members who have helped me with IDs.



The identifications on these pages are tentative

I would appreciate any corrections

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