Parodia werneri Hofacker - Cacti and Succulents

Parodia werneri Hofacker

aka Notocactus uebelmannianus 

Origin: It is native to Brazil in the area of Rio Grande Do Sul

Habitat: It grows in flattened rocky terrains amongst agricultural land. It is seriously endangered in its native habitat as much of the land is cultivated for arable crops or grazing pasture.

Parodia werneri is a a nice cactus usually solitary, sometimes branching basally to form small clumps. It has glossy green body with appressed spines and bears a ring of the most amazing magenta to royal purple flowers every spring.


Replaced synonym: Notocactus uebelmannianus Buining, Kakt. and. Sukk. 19(9): 175-176 (1968), non Parodia uebelrnannlana Ritter, Kakt. Siidamer. 2: 425-426 (1980). On transfer to Parodia since a Parodia uebelmanniana already existed the name of uebelmannianus was changed to Parodia werneri, hence the name Parodia werneri is the current accepted Scientific name but many growers and plant sellers still use the old name Notocactus uebelmannianus, so you may come across it under both names.

Source: EoC

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Cycadophyta
class: Magnoliopsida
File: Caryophyllales
family: Cactaceae
genera: parodia

                         – Wikipedia.

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